Swamp things…

Posted on 24/05/2018

A scheduled power grid shut down to replace a set of rotten wooden poles hit a series of snags. The wetland area in Kent in which they are situated is a well established water meadow, with important bog and marsh species of plants and animals.

This meant that a ‘zero harm’ policy to the habitat was applied by Natural England to the required access for men, machinery and materials needed to carry out the urgent works.

The ideal solution was 250 pieces of 5m x 1m x 100 mm Bogmats

Access to the site was complicated by a narrow gateway and a steep gradient from the meadow up to the roadway, preventing large vehicle access for the 150 tonnes of kit required..

So Roadplatehire sent an install team in with a heavy duty telehandler to bring the mats from the trucks to field level, which serviced an expertly operated excavator with a grab that swiftly laid the roadway way in.

The criteria and process set out by the various stakeholders including Natural England, although necessary, frustrated the clients project to the point where the work was having to begin, even as we lay the last few elements.

But all went well and within a week the site was vacated, letting nature get of with the important business of spring flowering and waking up after a very long and wet winter.